Health Ingredients

HealthTech BioActives has always been committed to researching and developing new nutraceutical ingredients of plant origin for functional foods, beverages and cosmetics. Complying with the highest standards of safety, quality and efficiency (FSCC 22000), our ingredients are specifically targeted to improve cardiovascular and bone health and the immune system.


Our factories continuously research and develop new molecules from the fruits we work with, with added emphasis on those that have been shown to provide a healthier profit to the products they are applied to.


To further expand our portfolio, we also develop - in collaboration with partners from around the world and in line with our stringent quality standards - our own innovative range of ingredients.

An anti-inflammatory agent and vascular protector derived from sweet orange and rich in bioflavonoids.
La metilcobalamina és la forma activa de la vitamina B12, aprovada com un suplement dietètic.
Xerenoos® is one of the most widely used and researched cognitive health ingredients worldwide.

Own products