Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12

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The ideal supplement for the B12 intake

Incapable of synthetizing vitamin B12, the human body needs external sources of cobalamins for regulating blood cells formation and promoting healthy immune system function.



The only way of introducing vitamin B12 in human’s diet is by food sources from animals (which obtain it directly or indirectly from bacteria) as meat, fish or dairy products, or by the use of food supplements.

MecobalActive® is the ideal food supplement for people with a decreased absorption of cobalamins because of ageing, and it is also advisable for vegetarians, who suffer from B12 deficiency related to a non-animal origin sources of food.

The methycobalamin brand

MecobalActive® is Ferrer HealtTech’s brand for methycobalamin, one of the two coenzyme forms of cobalamin (vitamin B12) present in the human body.

Ferrer HealthTech’s brand of methylcobalamin has shown higher absorption levels than other cobalamin supplements.

The high absorption of MecobalActive® in the liver, compared to other vitamin B12 supplements, has been proven in several in vivo studies [Ref. 3].


The tissue retention of MecobalActive® in humans is greater than that of other B12 supplements, showing a third of urine excretion rates after oral administration [Ref. 4].

The high absorption of Ferrer HealthTech’s brand of methylcobalamin and the few reported adverse effects associated with its ingestion make this food supplement the safest and most advisable of all the vitamin B12 sources.