Animal Nutrition Solutions

Species-specific outcomes for poultry, swine, aqua and ruminant

Animal Nutrition Solutions

Species-specific outcomes for poultry, swine, aqua and ruminant species

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Enhancing performance and productivity, for animal health and well-being, naturally

We leverage 40+ years of animal nutrition experience and global manufacturing leadership to provide premium quality, reliability and service you can count on.

Targeted nutrition plays a vital role in the productivity and performance outcomes of poultry, swine, aqua and ruminant species. Our goal: to offer animal nutrition products that help attain optimal results through every lifecycle stage, while also reaching producers’ cost-in-use goals.

Animal Nutrition Solutions

We design and manufacture additives and animal feed additive premixes under the brands: Bioflavex®, Sugarex® and Weanex®.

Natural Enhancers


  • Natural premixtures based on citrus flavonoids
  • Enhance performance, health-related & welfare parameters
  • Very suitable for AGP-free feeding
  • High antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Microbiota and immune system modulation
  • Patented application
  • Recommended for ruminants, swine and poultry



  • Sweetener premixes based on synergetic blends with NHDC
  • Boost feed intake under challenging conditions
  • Masking effect of bitter and unpalatable tastes
  • Higher nutrient absorption and intestinal integrity
  • Enhancement of added flavors
  • Only EU FAMI-QS certified manufacturer for NHDC
  • Recommended for piglets and aquaculture

Intake Promoters


  • Intake promoters based on placenta, colostrum and/or milk composition
  • Increase voluntary feed consumption from first week of birth
  • Ease the transition from lactation to post-weaning feed
  • Improve litter homogeneity weight
  • Lower incidence of diarrhea
  • Patented formulation
  • Recommended for piglets

Quality & Certifications

Adhering to the highest European manufacturing standards in sustainability, quality and supply chain, to ensure your brand’s integrity.

Our international quality standards and certifications include:

ISO-9001 / 14001
FSSC 22000

Committed to providing the technical information, claims substantiation and regulatory support your brand needs to succeed.

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