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Cleanly derived range of applications

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Cleanly derived range of applications

At HTBA, we are pioneers in citrus based flavonoids and B12 derivatives. We innovate with our customers across a variety of industries bringing high quality, naturally derived, clean ingredients produced with rigorous green processes. We understand the complex global marketplaces where you need to win and we offer R&D support, formulation flexibility, regulatory understanding and a shared determination to improve consumer and animal health.

Pharmaceutical Active Ingredients

We are leaders in developing and manufacturing API’s from citrus origin and are the world’s largest producer of diosmin, leveraging a solvent free method. We employ strict GMP standards and have absolute control of our supply chain for a trusted partnership.

Health Ingredients

Backed by science, our solutions for cardiovascular health & sports performance, vascular health, cognitive energy and antioxidant and anti inflammatory benefits are produced with green processes and strict GMP standards.

Taste Modulation Ingredients

Our citrus derived flavonoids deliver on great taste through with FMPs in a variety of beverage applications.

Animal Health Ingredients

We design and manufacture animal feed additives and premixes that improve performance and welfare. We are the world’s leader in manufacturing of Neohesperidin DC (NHDC) a high intensity sweetener and flavor enhancer.