API Solutions

A global leader in natural flavonoids and B12 derivatives

API Solutions

A global leader in natural flavonoids and B12 derivatives

Committed to sustainable standards for improved well-being

We help you answer consumers’ well-being concerns by providing top-class ingredients from nature, established on the highest European quality standards. Your brand benefits from a legacy of science-backed custom ingredients and production options, all developed by the world’s leading diosmin supplier, HTBA.

You can expedite your speed to market, leveraging our supply chain reliability and ability to customize ingredient specs to meet your specific formulation needs. And, you can deliver customer satisfaction with consumer-centric API solutions that are founded on in-demand sustainability standards.

Pharmaceutical Active Ingredients (APIs)


Venotonics for treatment of chronic CVD, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, spider veins and heavy legs syndrome. Promote blood circulation and address vascular discomfort.

Diosmin (CEP)
IP: Solvent-free method GMP | EP & USP

Hesperidin (DMF)
GMP approved | USP

Micronized Purified Flavonoid Fraction (DMF) 
IP: Solvent-free method GMP

GMP approved

B12 Derivatives

Ideal B12 forms to assess B12 deficiency, contributing to regulate blood cell formation, promote healthy immune system function, defend against anemia, promote cognitive function and support neuro-physical activity.

Mecobalamin (DMF)
GMP approved | Green-chemistry | JP & USP

Hydroxocobalamin Acetate (DMF)
GMP approved | EP

Hydroxocobalamin Sulphate (DMF)
GMP approved| EP

Hydroxocobalamin Hydrochloride (DMF)
GMP approved| EP

Adenosylcobalamin (DMF)
GMP approved |USP

Other OTC pharma applications

Apigenin & Quercetin

Solvent free


Improve the bitter aftertaste of medicines.

Neohesperdin DC Pharma Grade (EP & USP)

Pharmaceutical API Production Capabilities

HTBA is the world’s largest producer of diosmin (free market) and a leader in developing and manufacturing API flavonoids from citrus origin, with more than 40 years of expertise. Also pioneers in B12 derivative development, we are completely dedicated to creating ideal B12 derivative forms, utilizing clean processes in our new state-of-the-art facility. 

How does your brand benefit? With product availability you can rely on, due to our absolute control of the supply chain, with high-security stock and the capacity to react to raw material shortages. With quality control you can count on, knowing that our processes start with extraction and go through purification, chemical transformation and physical modification, ending with the final substance. With unique value, offered by our team’s expertise and the processes and production plants we invest in, every day.

Quality Certifications

Adhering to the highest European manufacturing standards in sustainability, quality and supply chain, to ensure your brand’s integrity.

Our international quality standards and certifications include:

Your products can stand out and shine in the marketplace, as we provide the integrity, regulatory support and certifications that matter to your brand, as well as today’s consumers.

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