Taste Modulation

Delivering the original taste consumers crave

Taste Modulation Solutions

Delivering the original taste consumers crave

Unlocking premium taste experiences for your beverage products

Consumers are increasingly interested in healthier products with functional benefits. Great taste drives trial and repeat for successful and sustained product launches.

When you participate in our Taste Transparency Experience, you will taste for yourself the ‘wow’ factor created by working together. We are your taste modulation partner, collaborating with you to create best-in-class, innovative solutions that quench consumers’ thirst for beverages that delight their senses.

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Beverage, Dairy & Non-Dairy Flavonoids

It’s easy to offer great-tasting, transparent, clean label beverages sourced from nature in applications including: soft drinks, energy drinks, teas, alternative dairy and dairy drink products, when you use our flavonoid-based tools to help solve your taste challenges.

Natural Taste Modulation


  • Off-note masking
  • Reduces astringency and bitterness
  • Improves overall taste acceptability
  • Works across all families of bitterness receptors
  • Optimized for non-dairy applications
  • JECFA & FEMA GRAS approved


  • Improves overall flavor profile
  • Flavor enhancement
  • Brings forward sweetness top notes
  • Optimized for dairy applications
  • JECFA & FEMA GRAS approve


  • Reduces bitterness and off-notes
  • Optimized for solid and semi-solid applications
  • FEMA GRAS approved

The Sweet Side of Citrus


  • Improves the sweetness profile
  • Reduces off-notes in products containing high-intensity sweeteners and bulk sugars
  • Highly water soluble 
  • EU / GRAS approved in food and supplements

Fine-tune Sweetness with Citrosa+

Whether looking for no sugar, low sugar or diet options, consumers want beverages that deliver the nostalgic sweetness and taste experience of sugar. Yet, high-intensity sweeteners (HIS) and bulk sugars pose many taste challenges in your formulation.

Citrosa+ works in synergy with HIS and bulk sugars to fine-tune the sweetness profile of beverages. It helps mask off-notes, enhances the flavor and helps you deliver a product consumers will try and repeat.

  • Reduces off-flavors as a result of sugar reduction from high-intensity sweeteners
  • 1500 times sweeter than sugar
  • Derived from bitter orange
  • Highly soluble with patented formulation
  • EU / GRAS approved in supplements and food
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Taste Modulation Capabilities

We use leading-edge sensory science in an engaging process of experiential co-creation like no other—delivering your brand’s transparent taste toolbox, tailored to your exact needs with specialized solutions for bitterness blocking, off-note masking and astringency suppression, as well as mouthfeel and flavor enhancement.

Quality & Certifications

Adhering to the highest European manufacturing standards in sustainability, quality and supply chain, to ensure your brand’s integrity.

Our international quality standards and certifications include:

  • FSSC 22000
  • Kosher / Halal
  • ISO-9001 / 14001
  • SMETA-4
  • EcoVadis
  • GMP

Rely on molecules that are solvent free, clean and derived from nature using green chemistry, with the scientific expertise and patents to back them up.

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