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Who we are

HTBA (HealthTech BioActives) is a leading global company highly specialized in flavonoids and vitamin B12 derivatives

After 40 years in the pharmaceutical world of ingredients of natural origin, HTBA is determined to formulate today the new methods of tomorrow.

HTBA covers the entire value chain, from raw materials to merchandise, with global reach in pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, human and animal nutrition, and in cosmetics.


In HTBA we know that our ingredients have a direct impact, not only in our clients activity but also in the well-being of the consumers of their products.

Consumers who worry about their health and are increasingly more demanding so, what is acceptable today, may not be tomorrow.

For this reason, we understand that our work cannot be limited to providing ingredients to our clients with professionalism and rigour, but we must go further to be the partner that offers them solutions that respond to their present and future needs.

In HTBA we want to...

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