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HTBA S.L.U. Leader in Flavanoids and B12 adds value with a secure supply chain, continuous improvement and investment in quality and sustainable standards

Since their creation in July 2019, HTBA continues to invest in growth and expansion to ensure quality and sustainability of their solutions. In the past three years, HTBA have kept the customers’ needs at the forefront by ensuring supply in a challenging logistical environment. Most recently, HTBA obtained an ESG certification and it’s commitment to being carbon neutral by 2050. In 2021, HTBA has created a US subsidiary with local warehousing, logistic and technical ideation center. Additionally, in September 2022, a state of the art plant began operations to support the B12 derivatives production. Thus, despite rising costs and prices we continue investing in our service and supply to customers.

About HTBA SLU (HealthTech BioActives)

HTBA (HealthTech BioActives) is a global company based in Spain specializing in Flavonoids and Vitamin B12 derivatives.

Leveraging over 40 years of experience in producing solutions for Pharmaceutical APIs,Taste Modulation,, Functional Health and Animal Nutrition, from naturally sourced materials.

We are determined to support our customers with rigorous quality and sustainability standards through the entire value chain, from raw materials to commercialization.

At HTBA we strive to continuously formulate high standards and solutions – from our Global HQ in Barcelona, Spain and US subsidiary in Cincinnati, OH to our manufacturing facilities in Southern Spain.